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Accomplishing a clean & just
energy transition

is one of the biggest challenges of  the 21st century

Confirmed Speakers

Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice-President
for the European Green Deal
of the European Commission

Kadri Simson

European Commissioner for Energy

David Bryson

COO of Uniper

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

Secretary General of Hydrogen Europe

Ignacio Galán

Executive Chairman of Iberdrola

Marc Vanheukelen

EEAS Hors Classe Adviser and Ambassador
at Large for Climate Diplomacy

Tinne van der Straeten

Belgian Federal Energy Minister

Jean-Bernard Lévy


Andreas Schierenbeck

CEO of Uniper

Jens Gieseke

Member of the European Parliament

Stefano Grassi

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Simson

Virginijus Sinkevicius

European Commissioner for Environment,
Oceans and Fisheries

Alberto De Paoli

Chief Financial Officer of Enel Group

Pascal Canfin

Chair of the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament

Nils Aldag

CEO of Sunfire

Thomas Ostros

Vice-President of the European Investment Bank

Walter Goetz

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Valean

Ditte Juul-Jørgensen

Director General
of the DG ENER of the European Commission

Thomas Meth

Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Enviva

Mairead McGuinness

European Commissioner
for Financial services, financial stability
and Capital Markets Union

Philippe Ducom

President of ExxonMobil Europe

Maria Spyraki

Member of the European Parliament

Jens Geier

Member of the European Parliament

Ann Mettler

Vice President Europe of Breakthrough Energy

Thomas Veyrenc

Executive Director for Strategy,
Planning and Evaluation of RTE

Estelle Brachlianoff

COO of Veolia

Marius Vascega

Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Sinkevicius,
Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries

Carine de Boissezon

Chief Sustainability Officer of EDF

Megan Richards

Visiting Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund and
Former Director of Energy Policy of the DG ENER
of the European Commission

Hans van der Loo

Chairman of the Advisory Board of the
Institute for Integrated Economic Research
& EU STEM Ambassador

John Cooper

Director General of FuelsEurope

James Watson

Secretary General of Eurogas

Laurent Babikian

Director of Capital Markets of CDP

Sir David King

Founder and Chair of the Centre for Climate
Repair, University of Cambridge

Thomas Reynaert

Managing Director of Airlines for Europe

Vincent Rious

Expert economist at RTE

Manolis Kefalogiannis

Member of the European Parliament

Ralf Diemer

Managing Director of the eFuel Alliance

Paul Tang

Member of the European Parliament

Jules Besnainou

Director at Cleantech Group

Daniel Michaels

Brussels Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal

Chris Burns

Independent Journalist

Mehreen Khan

Brussels Correspondent for the Financial Times

Méabh McMahon

Euronews Brussels Correspondent

Maria Tadeo

Reporter for Bloomberg Television

Dave Keating

Senior Writer, Energy Monitor and
Brussels correspondent for France 24

Arnaud Thysen

Director General of European Business Summits

“The Green Deal offers us the momentum we need for full-scale investment of clean energy technologies and innovation.”

Kadri Simson

European Commissioner for Energy

“The economy cannot grow along the lines of the past and our post-coronavirus vision is to create wealth from projects that reduce carbon emissions and promote energy transition and sustainable mobility.”

João Pedro Matos Fernandes

Portuguese Minister of Environment and Energy Transition

“No country is an energy island. We must learn from each other & share our experiences so we can all benefit. This will be crucial to accelerate clean energy transitions & ensure that all citizens have reliable & affordable access to energy.”

Fatih Birol

International Energy Agency Executive Director

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